Do you offer care for my child/children while I'm in class?

MEIPN does not offer childcare. Please make arrangements for your child to be cared for either at home, at summer camp at your local Montessori school or elsewhere. We strongly suggest that you also have a plan in place for back up childcare in case your child becomes sick or your primary care provider is not available.

Woodinville Montessori School, where MEIPN’s summer classes are held, offers summer camp programs. Check their website at

I don’t have a job in a Montessori school now, but I want to take the training. Will that work?

Yes, but it is advantageous to have spent as much time as possible observing in Montessori schools in this situation. A significant part of your training will be your internship in a Montessori school. It is best to have this in place before your training starts so you will be ready to begin in time to fulfill the required internship over a full school year. MEIPN has a Job Board on our website with current job listings from local schools.

Do you offer a payment plan?
Yes, we have a payment plan. This is detailed in the Tuition and Fees section of the Student Handbook.
Do you offer Montessori teacher training online?

All our programs are now offered via blended or hybrid delivery (partly online and partly in-person on campus). This provides the flexibility of independent study for some portions of the course as well as exposure to well-designed environments, and hands-on experience and practice with material that are critically important to the complete preparation of our graduates.  Both the in-person and online components include dynamic discussions and a focus on community building.

Do I have to take the TOEFL?
If your college degree was obtained outside the United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand or the United Kingdom, you need to take the TOEFL and have the results sent to MEIPN. Passing scores are 92 or higher for Internet-based and 580 for paper-based tests. Test results must be less than two years old.
I obtained my degree outside the United States. Do I need to have it evaluated?

Yes, you will need to work with a service such as World Education Services to have your degree evaluated. The results must be sent directly to MEIPN.  See MEIPN Student Handbook/Catalog for details and contact information.

I'm working as an assistant in a Montessori classroom now. Can I use this time for my internship?

The American Montessori Society’s policy is that internship must follow or occur at the same time as your academic work coursework. This ensures that during your internship you will be using the new Montessori skills and knowledge you are gaining in your classes.  Working as an assistant before beginning the training program will enrich your understanding of all your coursework, but it does not meet the requirement for your internship.

How do I know if the school or classroom where I want to intern meets MEIPN and AMS requirements?

There are a number of qualifications for being an approved internship site. Among them, the classroom must include the full age range of students at the level for which you are seeking certification and have a full complement of Montessori materials for that level. The school must be appropriately licensed, give you a written contract, and allow you time off to do the observations you are required to complete. Please see the Student Handbook/catalog for more information.  You should also speak to a course director before committing to a school to be certain the school  will be approved.

I know the teacher I want to do my internship with. What are the qualifications for being a supervising teacher?

Your supervising teacher must be MACTE certified for the level at which you will be interning, in at least his/her second year of teaching after receiving certification and be in the classroom with you full-time throughout the year.  They must be willing to take on the added responsibilities of supervising an intern including meeting with you 30 minutes weekly.

Can I start a course at MEIPN in the fall or the winter?

All our courses begin with intensive introductions in the summer. The Early Childhood Overview for Elementary is available as an independent study.  It is not possible to begin at any other time.

Can I be admitted before you receive my TOEFL score?
No. We must have your TOEFL score to evaluate your ability to benefit from the MEIPN program. We offer English-only courses at an undergraduate or graduate level of instruction. All students are expected to have communication skills at that level. We have no ability to provide support for English Language Learners.