One test of the correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child.

Early Childhood: What to submit

  1. A completed MEIPN application
  2. Registration fee
  3. A typed statement (300 to 500 words) describing why you are interested in Montessori education, why you have decided to become a Montessori professional, why you have selected this age level and training course.
  4. Two observation reports, consisting of two pages each typed descriptions per site, of your observations regarding students, environment, and teachers in two Montessori classrooms at the level you are applying to study. If currently working in a Montessori school at least one of the observations must be at a different school.
  5. Three letters of recommendation from persons who can attest to your interest in children and your maturity, patience, leadership, personal responsibility and academic competence to handle the demands of a college level teacher preparation course. At least two of these should be professional recommendations.
  6. Official transcript of highest level of education. Students whose bachelor’s degree was awarded in a foreign country will need to have their degree evaluated for equivalency to a US degree and provide that analysis to MEIPN. Contact MEIPN for more information on this process.
  7. Transcript of your 3 to 5 credit Child Development course if not included on previous transcript.
  8. Foreign University degree analysis if applicable
  9. TOEFL scores if applicable.