Course Work

The academic portion of the Infant and Toddler course requires 212 contact hours of instruction. The summer phase of the Infant and Toddler course consists of seven days of classes that meet daily from 8 am to 5. Additional hours are covered at a series of Saturday and Sunday, or Friday through Monday workshops that begin in August and continue through the following academic year.

Infant and Toddler classes include Child Development; Philosophy; Environmental Design; Child, Family and Community; Montessori Pedagogy; Program Leadership; Observation; and Personal Growth. For course descriptions see: MEIPN Student Handbook

Students who do not have an AMS – recognized Early Childhood Credential also have an additional 40-hour overview course in June following their Infant Toddler course. The Early Childhood Overview covers Philosophy, Practical Life, Sensorial, Language and Math.

Infant & Toddler 

Course Work

Practicum Phase