Required Courses

The academic portion of the Early Childhood course takes 337 contact hours of instruction. (This does not include the 30 hours for the Child Development prerequisite of the course.) Much of the course is delivered during a six week summer intensive term. Additional course hours are covered at a series of ten weekend workshops. Most are eight hours long. There are exam days scheduled in January and in June. For out-of-town students, we offer an alternate schedule for midyear classes. The midyear sessions are condensed into one week in February and one week in August. There is an additional charge to attend the alternate session and a minimum enrollment is required.

Child Development Course Requirement:

A 3 to 5 quarter credit college course in Child Development, passed with a grade of B or higher, is required of all Early Childhood students. The course must cover physical, intellectual, social and emotional development from the neo-natal period through at least middle childhood. Ideally this requirement is met prior to the start of the training program.

There are three ways to meet this requirement:

  • If the student completed the course within the last five years and passed with a grade of B or higher, the requirement is met. Send an official transcript to MEIPN.
  • If the course was completed more than five years ago and passed with a grade of B or higher, send an official transcript to MEIPN and complete a reading assignment and take-home exam on books specified by the Course Director.
  • If the student has never taken this course it can be taken at Washington State community colleges under the course number EDUC115&. It can also be taken online through Seton Montessori Institute (  Enter “professional development” in the search field. Before committing to other options for completing this requirement, please send the specifics of the proposed course to MEIPN’s Training and Practicum Director for approval. Send a transcript upon completion.

Classes include Philosophy, Observation, Classroom Leadership, Parent Relations and the curriculum areas of Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math, History, Geography, Life Science, Physical Science, Music, Movement and Art. For course descriptions see: MEIPN Course Handbook


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Required Courses

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